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Landlords Legal and Rent Guarantee

Since the start of the pandemic, when many underwriters withdrew Rent Guarantee cover other than for renewals of existing business, it's been tricky to obtain suitable cover due to the sheer number of unfortunate tenants on furlough. But we are pleased to update that we have a new product available to

you which would be fully integrated into CDL as usual.

What is Insured?

  • 24/7 Free Legal Advice Helpline

  • Legal Pursuit with a policy limit of £50,000

  • After an incident of physical damage to your property

  • In trying to get possession of your property following a breach of tenancy agreement (T&Cs apply)

  • To evict anyone in your property that has not got your permission to be there

  • To recover any rent your tenant owes for renting your property where at all possible

  • Legal Defence with a policy limit of £50,000

  • Hotel Expenses of up to £50 per day, £1500 limit, where no alternative accommodation is available whilst trying to gain possession of the property for the landlord to live in

  • Rent Guarantee – limit of £2,500 per month for any rent, one month or more outstanding, for a period of 6 to 12 months provided that it is being actively pursued under the Legal Pursuit section of the policy

  • Competitively priced and fully integrated in to CDL

Call Stuart Avery today, on 01323 819231, to discuss rates, cover and activation.


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