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Covid-19 Update

As the global pandemic started to unfold we had internal discussions regarding what, if anything, we needed to change and what support we could provide our members with.

Firstly, we assessed our own business to see if we posed any risks to our colleagues or members. We took the decision to cease all face to face meetings immediately and ahead of the official lockdown.

You will also probably be aware that most of us already worked from home, so we were able to continue to provide uninterrupted support to you when you most needed it.

The few staff we do have based in an office were very quickly set up at home so that we could continue

some of the back office functions.

It was obvious early on that working from home was going to be the only solution for some time, so we very quickly setup and tested a solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to allow our members to connect remotely through to the secure CDL servers that we host.

Several of our members have taken up this facility and are pleased with the results. Please let us know if you would like to discuss this.

As we all work our way out of the current pandemic, we want to hear from you with any suggestions you may have that could help you operate more efficiently, or products that you feel there is now a need for.

Now is an excellent time to review what products you offer, along with if we could review your funding rates if you are not already through our arrangement.

We would also like to hear your stories about how you and your businesses have coped over the last couple of months, as we would like to include some in future issues of this newsletter.

If you want to know more about working from home and AWS, please get in touch with us on 01323 819260 or email


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