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Focus on Trevor Cutts

Trevor Cutts is the Managing Director here at 1 Answer Network and has over 25 years’ insurance experience having worked for insurance and

claims companies.

Trevor is also MD of One Answer Insurance and All

Broker Services which provides him with a strong insight and understanding of the challenges brokers face every single day.

Q. Dream Car?

A. Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Q. Favourite music?

A. Chilled Pop Hits

Q. Best Holiday ever?

A. Getting engaged in the Maldives at the start of

last year

Q. Claim to fame?

A. Playing for Brighton youth football team, many years ago now!

Q. Favourite meal?

A. A good steak

Q.Most missed during lockdowns?

A. A good night at the pub or a restaurant with friends and family

Q. Favourite film?

A. Not a big film fan, but Titanic

Q. Favourite pastime?

A. Golf, but less of it these days

Trevor is very modest, but we are sure he won’t mind us sharing with you that he recently received the most votes (from the businesses he is involved in) following nominations from staff for their ‘Lockdown Heroes’.

A few of the anonymous comments received about Trevor are below.

“For me, personally, he eased some of the lockdown stresses by keeping us financially secure at a time where people have lost jobs - this has been invaluable. He also always has an open door if you need help, support or guidance”.

“Trevor has been massively understanding and compassionate towards everyone’s own personal views and feelings towards the pandemic to help them through the tough period whist still maintaining the business performance.”

“Trevor has taken on so much more this year with the extra work created by the pandemic. He has managed to keep people motivated, so that the business hasn’t just kept its head above water, it has become the best version of itself. The months when restrictions were lifted were phenomenal, and he has done so much to make this business a more profitable and nicer place to work.”


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