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60 Second Interview with Paul Muir, CDL News

How did you get into insurance?

My journey into insurance started by complete accident when I was asked to make up a four in a game of badminton with some ladies. One of them was married to an insurance broker, who in turn offered me a job as an office junior in London.

What you love about it?

I love the lifetime friendships I have made with some insurers, software house personnel and brokers, and the feeling of satisfaction when you have ideas that you can explore and develop within the industry with friends and business acquaintances.

What you hate about it?

I don't hate anything about it really - just some of the challenges that seem nonsensical when you have to script everything nowadays and bombard your clients with paperwork, so you lose some of the personality whilst accepting that this is now a vital part of TCF.

Best professional achievement?

Starting a brokerage business from scratch with me, a PC and a phone. Then of course writing a business plan and getting complete buy-in and support from CDL and others for my network, designed to help fellow brokers run their businesses on a more level playing field.

Biggest challenge facing the sector?

I would say there are plenty of challenges, but adapting to the buying habits and enquiring habits of clients is both a massive challenge and opportunity

Biggest opportunity?

To diversify and be different, offering business classes that are not click through and need intervention, conversation and advice. I have to say that CDL systems are fantastic in supporting this for us.

Which gadget could you not live without?

No shock here, iPhone of course!

Football team?

The mighty CRYSTAL PALACE! I have followed them as my local club through thin and thinner, but love them for what they are: MY CLUB.

Desert island discs?

Blur - The Universal

Kraftwerk - Neon Lights

Human League - Dare (the album - it is a disc after all!)

Biggest vice?

Sitting and suddenly thinking "I've had an idea" - business plans, logo design and URL purchased!! I have far too many…

How do you unwind at weekends?

If I am at home a good long walk over the Sussex Downs (to think of new ideas!) or - if on holiday - a good book...

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