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Focus on Andrew “Hutch” Hutchinson

Having worked in various roles in the insurance industry for 35 years, Andrew (or Hutch as he is known to many of you) is well placed to offer advice on the implementation and use of your CDL system with in depth knowledge of the industry and its processes.

You will know Hutch from our Helpdesk or if he has been to your offices to provide you with training on our CDL system.

We asked Hutch a few questions so you could get to know him a little better.

Hutch lives near Nottingham, has a wife who he met via insurance and two children who have flown the nest.

He also enjoys anything outdoor related, from walking to airgun target shooting.

Q. Worst job held?

A. Self stacking at ASDA

Q. Favourite music?

A. Meatloaf & All Saints!

Q. Worst trip?

A. 17 hours sleeping on a train’s luggage rack, on way back from the 1979 European Cup final

Q. Claim to fame?

A. Shaking Brian Clough’s hand

Q. Favourite meal?

A. My wife’s homemade lasagne

Q. Guilty pleasure?

A. All Saints (the group)

Q. Favourite films?

A. Predator and Platoon

Q. Favourite footy team?

A. Nottingham Forest

Hutch is a vital member of the team. What he doesn’t know about the CDL Classic system probably isn’t worth knowing!

You will often speak to Hutch on our Helpdesk or if he visits your office for any of your CDL training needs.

If you would like any CDL training or require assistance from our Helpdesk, please email


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