We are an independent business solutions company providing a range of innovative and unique products and services to the general insurance broking industry.

Established in 2005 our membership of community Brokers has grown rapidly and we now support the placement of over £300m Gross Written Premium into the marketplace.

Our team of highly experienced trusted advisors provide independent first hand industry experience built up over many years across a range of disciplines from which you can directly benefit.

We understand the challenges of Broking in today’s increasingly regulated environment and deliver bespoke and practical solutions to help Brokers both win and retain clients whilst maximising the cost effectiveness of your business, all within a compliant environment.

Our established and exclusive arrangements with a range of blue chip and specialist providers is aimed at bringing together best in class solutions designed to meet your specific needs as a business.

We won’t intrude on your business, after all you are also independent and entrepreneurial. We are here to assist, guide and most of all to add incremental value to help you grow your business and service your clients to the highest professional standards.


What Our Clients Say

Everyone at the Network has been accessible and approachable and provided constructive and informative advise. The people involved at all levels have followed through on promises and expectations and we are looking forward to a mutually successful and profitable relationship.
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